August 3, 2020

Privacy Policy

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The cares about your privacy and the security of your information. Therefore, you must be aware on how we collect any information or about how this website is operating.

Be aware that we don’t ask your personal information unless needed and we do not share any personal details that will be given to us. This website does not store personal detail on our database servers.

Information We Collect

There will be no information to be collected from visitors that only visits the website unless they will be going to write a comment on our blogs. They will be asked to provide their username and email address in order to have their identity also viewed by others which represents our interaction with one another.


Cookies are a tool used online to learn about in order to give response to user website activities. These were stored on the web browser of your computer which website did you visit. These cookies are used to improve the experience of the user to know the visitors’ website preference.

Third-Party Links

Our blogs may contain link from other Third-Party websites wherein they as well have their own privacy policy which is different from us. Knowing their own policies will also give you insight about their website.

Acceptance of these Policies

With the use of our website, you agree with our privacy policies mentioned.